Religion and Infallibility

We all need something - or someone always caring, prefect, all knowing and a friend. The most common such source is God. God is all knowing, caring and perfect in all aspects. Men who had come across this supernatural force have always tried to understand God and they have written down or spoken their experiences with this supernatural forces. This has resulted in rise of various religions.

However, here's the catch. Can men, whose powers are limited fully understand God? They may understand better than most, but its not full. If they are fully able to understand God, then they have to be equal to God. We know that is not true. Yet many follow holy scriptures like the Bible, the Quran or the Gita and each one assumes the one scripture that they follow to be the ultimate truth. If we end up blindly following everything they say about God, we can be wrong in many ways - may be as wrong as the ancient men who thought that the earth was flat.

I believe that we might be able to understand a part of God which the religious Gurus like the disciples of Jesus Christ(or even Jesus Christ, but he never wrote a book so we don't know!), Prophet Muhammad, etc never looked into. We will be able to understand God fully - only bits and pieces but the journey will be exciting one as we will be treading on a path unknown.

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