The Defiant — Chapter 12 — The Eagle and the Hawk

The Defiant — Chapter 12 — The Eagle and the Hawk

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Andrew Samuels is my fictional self in Hogwarts school. I wrote fanfiction in notebooks when I was supposed to be studying every night for school and occasionally during my undergraduate days. This fanfiction is set in the pre Howarts era when James Potter and Sirius were at school. This is Chapter 12 of the series.

Andrew Samuels is my fictional self in Hogwarts school. I wrote fanfiction in notebooks when I was supposed to be studying every night for school and occasionally during my undergraduate days. This fanfiction is set in the pre Howarts era when James Potter and Sirius were at school. Andrew Samuels is a muggle who lost his parents and also his adopted wizard family and lives in an muggle orphanage during summer. This fanfiction is incomplete because the first four chapters was written in a notebook. This was written about 10-15 years ago when I rarely used the internet and computers didn't dominate every aspect of my work. Also, the fanfiction wasn't completed. Only a tiny part of the originally planned fiction was written. I had couple of other fanfictions before this, but they were much too inferior to this, had way too many characters, hence I didn't save the notebooks in which I wrote them.

The story now centers around Quidditch matches that takes place when Andrew Samuels was a beater in the Ravenclaw Quidditch team during his third year. The story will appear broken because of missing chapters, but I hope that you will find the three Quiddich matches enjoyable.

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Chapter 12 — The Eagle and the Hawk

April 13, 1975

The day before the final match. I was barely able to do anything in this day. It was increasingly so for the past one week. Looking out into the trees coming to life under the spring sun, I was in a state of trance. Finally, after looking into the day long enough, I looked around in my room and found Kingsley restlessly pacing around and doing something in random. Prince's diary had some help. According to him, half the battle is won before a match, particularly the important ones if one manages to stay calm. The problem is staying calm. Although I had practiced hard and got my gears working again, I still had elements of doubts. Only a true real time match could ward off the doubts. I barely talked with anyone, even Kingsley. We both occasionally exchanged nervous looks and sometimes a small talk.

I went along with my team mates for lunch. We kept together so that by any chance, no one from the opposing team would try the dirty way of sabotaging a team member before the eve of the match. As we passed by, some Slytherin members would pass snide comments. I did not care though. My mind was not in a position to receive anything. A closed bottle, I would say. Other team members, except our battle hardened seventh year chasers were calm. Captain Davies was the most calm of all. He showed only a tinge of tense in his face. He kept a friendly chatter with the rest of the team mates. This appeared to calm down my nerves. Passing through the hissing Slytherin table, we were welcomed by the cheering Ravenclaw table. Soon, we had a good lunch. I didn't fell like eating much though. But food and some friendly talk with my fellow Ravenclaw eased up me considerable. That evening and night, I was considerably better. After our last match debacle, Slytherin was ahead of us by 40 points. A narrow margin though. The match between Hufflepuff and Griffindor played two weeks earlier, resulted in a Griffindor win, but overall, Griffindor and Hufflepuff were out of the race.

April 14, 1975

The pressure returned in full measure the following morning. I did not know how my legs got me up from my bed, to breakfast and finally the elevated stand. It was a warm and pleasant spring day. The trees were full of spring freshness. So were our enthusiastic Ravenclaw supporters. Looking around the elevated pavilions, I was quite surprised to see a handful of Hufflepuffs supporting our side. Griffindor were not so kind enough though. Soon, we were in the middle of the field.

'Hello and welcome to the final and important match of the season: Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin.'

It was the same Hufflepuff Smith. He too was on our side now.

'Here comes the Ravenclaw players: Davies, Barbara, Samson, Marshall, Andrew, Kinsley and Peter.'

The introduction was more enthusiastic than the first match. It was followed by a dull introduction to the Slytherin team. The pressure however was beginning to get into my nerves. I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. Soon Madam Hooch stepped out and released the Quaffle. Captain Davies and co. were quick to get it and head for the Slytherin goal hoop. The bludgers were out soon. I charged towards the nearest bludger and aimed a powerful blow towards a passing Slytherin chaser- but I found myself unable to hit the ball powerfully. What the hell? Too much nerves, I thought. Howerver, after a few shots, I managed to calm down a bit Meahwhile, Captain Davis had led the chasers close the goal hoop. He was passing the ball wonderfully. A Slytherin player got in the way but Captian Davies side stepped and passed the ball to Barbara who got it past the goal hoop for our first point of the day.

'Barbara scores! 10 points to Ravenclaw.'

The disgruntled Slytherin keeper passed the ball to a lean Slytherin chaser. Parrying a bludger towards a Slytherin beater, I looked again at the player. He was quite skilful for a Slytherin player. As he started off towards our goal hoop, he was soon joined on either side and flanked by two other bulky Slytherin players. They formed a 'V' shape, which was much like an hawk head. I had seen this formation by Slytherin earlier, but seeing this much closeup was quite intimidating, I must admit. Captain Davies tried to get in the way, but it was no use. He was thwarted aside by one of the bulky players who formed the flank. I sent a bludger at the hawk head and it headed to flank. But the bulky flank player just dogged it. There was not opposing it. The hawk headed like an advancing dragon towards the goal hoop. I saw Marshall literally frightened by this formation which we had never encountered before. The lean player threw the ball perfectly at the goal hoop and Marshall who was quite intimidated, missed it completely. 10-10. Marshall threw the ball to Captain Davies who headed for the goal. But on the way he was intercepted and the Slytherin chasers once again formed the hawk head and scored another goal. 20-10. For the next 10 minutes, this became the status quo. Slytherin were not good at passing the ball as us, but the hawk head was unstoppable, once it got the ball. Even Samson, out stocky player was not able to stop them. Soon Slytherin was ahead of us at 50-20.

Soon I was following a snitch chase. Peter was ahead of the Slytherin chaser who was stocky and clumsy. I kept a cover for Peter. A stray bludger came towards Peter and I parried it towards the passing hawk head, which was taken by surprise. Soon, Samson wrenched the ball from the hawk and passed it to Captain Davies.

'Nice one Andrews.'

It was Kingsley. He came from the opposite and shot a bludger towards the Slytherin seeker who got hit in his sides. Peter meanwhile was gaining on the snitch! If he could catch it soon, the game would be ours. But as soon as I thought that, the snitch made a sudden U-turn and disappeared. I sighed. Although the Slytherin seeker was inferior to him, it would be better if Peter caught the snitch fast. Meanwhile, our chasers with great effort managed to push the score a bit higher to 40-60. With some effort, we could get back on top I told myself. After 20 minutes of play, we were 80-80 level. Thanks to some exceptional keeping from Marshall who saved about 6 goals, we had a breather. The Ravenclaw crowd were ecstasic.

The Slytherins became angry at us catching up with them. They began to resort to some ugly methods. One of their gorilla like chasers deliberately banged into me and I almost crashed into a elevated stand. One of their chasers pulled captain Davies' broom when he was about to score. But nevertheless Davies scored and even in the ensuing penalty to take us to 100-80. Kingsley's broom was damaged by a beater. When they saw their dirty tactics did not work, they got even dirtier. Particularly the chasers. Their worst came shortly

After incepting the ball from Barbara and forming the hawk head, they dashed to the goal hoop. Marshall was ready. The lean looking player feinted a left throw, but threw at the right. Marshall caught the ball, but one of the fat chasers crashed right into him. Marshall was thrown backwards and from the look of his face, there was something wrong. He clutched his sides. Samson and I hurried over and caught him.

'What's wrong, Marshall?'

But he was in excruciating pain and was unable to speak.

'I think it is better we decide to call a time out. What do you think, Samson?'

'Yes Andrew. Where is Davies… ah here he is.'

Captain Davies came over and soon a time out was called. We brought Marshall into our pavillion. Marshall was in great pain. It seemed that the broom had hit his ribs hard. Madam Pomfrey came in.

'Let me see him.'

'Madam, he is hit right in his ribs….'

Madam Pomfrey cut him off.

'Well, I am the healer here am I?'

Madam Pomfrey observed him for sometime, all the while muttering about dangerous sports. After some time, she turned around gravely.

'Sorry boys. Broken ribs. He has to stay in hospital wing for two days.'

We were shocked. Captain Davies was furious.

'What?! How are we to play without a keeper?'

'Well, refer to the Quidditch book for rules. Right now, I am taking him with me.'

With that she summoned a stretcher and whisked Marshall away in there, leaving a furious team behind. We did now know what to do. The laws of Quidditch says that if a player is injured, there will be no replacements. The team will have to play without the player. There was no choice. Captain Davies knew that and calmed himself down.

'Have some drinks. After that we play.'

The team remained frozen. Captain Davies looked around in surprise.

'I hope you heard me correctly: have water and then we play. There is no use in crying over a broken wand.'

His confidence stirred us all. We had water and we decided to alter the pre match tactics. Captain Davies explained all.

'We are going on a full offensive. Andrew and Kingsley, you stay with us all the time. Leave the goal hoop. Leave Peter. I am sure he can handle this.'

Peter was pale, but his nod was resolute and determined.

'We are not going to let their get to the goal hoop. And make sure that all the bludgers go their goal hoop. I want their keeper out of our way. Bludge him or break his bones or whatever. I want him out.'

We all agreed. Though it was a risky plan, it was the only way. Our chasers are good enough to conduct an operation of this kind. With full determination, we flew back to the field. The Slytherins too seemed ready. Soon, the match resumed. Captain Davies tried hard to keep the ball within our control. I and Kingsley peppered all the bludgers at the goal keeper. But the tactics failed miserably. The fact is that once the Slytherins got the quaffle and formed their hawk head, it was always a score. The Slytherin score sky rocketed to 140 and we remained at 100. Captain Davies looked lost and clueless. The pressure seemed to get into everyone of us and it seemed that it was lost. The position further detoriated to 170-110. Slytherin lead by 100 points in the year, combined with the pre-match 40 point lead. Our only hope was on Peter catching the snitch fast.

Peter was on the snitch hunt, closely followed by the Slytherin seeker on his tail. It seemed that the Slytherin seeker had decided to mark him rather than search for the snitch. I went up to Peter.


'Look at that gorilla following you?'

'Yes. I know that he has let me catch the snitch rather than search for himself.'

'Feint as though you have found it. Break his neck somehow.'

Suddenly Peter sped up. He has seen the snitch! Soon they were in a hot snitch pursuit. Meanwhile, the Slytherin hawk was traveling to the Griffindor goal post. I was already near to the Griffindor goal post.

'Andrew! Bludger!'

It was Kingsley. He has hit a bludger towards me. Taking an aim at the oncoming bludger, I hit it with all the force towards the hawk. But it missed. I was standing in the keeper's position. I knew that it would be penalty if I stood without a valid reason. But then the valid reason came in the form of a bludger. I stood blocking one of the hoops as the bludger and the hawk came in. The lean Slytherin player threw the quaffle. Without thinking I blocked the quaffle with my body and then parried the bludger. The Slytherin chasers were furious. They called for a penalty, which was refused by Madam Hooch. Captain Davies meanwhile caught the quaffle and then scored.

'Nice one Andrew. Are you hurt'

'Well, that was luck, Kingsley. Anyway, the blow isn't very painful.'

'Look out. Here they come.'

The hawk was once again advancing. This time they looked like they were going to blast anything out of their way. I has no choice but to move aside.

'Come on Andrew! Let's do the Dopplebeat bludger.'

I looked around at Kingsley. He was in my right and already ready for the bludger. There was no time to think as the bludger was coming. I positioned myself for the forehand shot. Call it luck, as the bludger came, we connect our shot almost at the same time and sent it with killing speed towards the advancing hawk's center. The bludger found its target. It crashed into the lean Slytherin player. He has no time to react or rather he completely stunned at this powerful shot. He fell off his broom down and down. Instinctively I rushed to catch him, but he appeared to mysteriously slow down in his fall, and fortunately was caught in a stretcher by Madam Hooch.

'We did it!'

'Nice one guys! That was mind blowing'

It was Captain Davies. He seemed very happy. Finally all the practice we did for the past two months paid off. It was a killer blow to Slytherin. Without their best chaser, their other two players were totally useless. The entire team appeared to collapse like a pack of cards and soon Captain Davies and co. tore Slytherin apart and the score became 200-180 in no time. The match has been turned in its head. Another snitch chase was on. I saw Peter gaining and gaining and finally clinching the moment of glory for our team and Captain Davies.

The Ravenclaw crowd was mad with joy. I and the entire team went into a mid air huddle and hugged each other. Captain Davies was expressing his joy like a maniac. We went a victory lap around the field and were cheered by our house as well as the Hufflepuff and to my surprise Griffindor. I spotted James Potter and Sirius amongst them too.

As I got the cup form Captain Davies, I knew that this would have made Prince proud.

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