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A 100k Cycling Trip

Jan 5, 2017

A 100km cycling trip was overdue, especially after I've been running a lot.

Tags: cycling, fitness, openstreetmap

A Couple of Lovely Scaly Breasted Munias

Dec 21, 2016

I allowed a pair of small birds to nest in my windowsill. Surprisingly, they made good residents – much better than what I expected.

Tags: hostel, birds

The Ways People with black money are bypassing the Demonetization net

Nov 13, 2016

Have people with black money forced to come out or have they found a way out? Here are couple of ways which has been used to save their black money.

Tags: politics, demonetisation

A 10 km run and a 50 km Cycling trip

Aug 24, 2016

Sunday or Saturday are "sports" days for me - these are the days in which I do workouts that tests the limits of my endurance.

Tags: running, fitness, cycling

Danger of call records and phone surveillance

Aug 21, 2016

Nobody in their village knew of Ram and Priya's secret relationship. Tired of finding a secret place to meet, one day Ram and Priya bought cell phones and signed up from service from Wirelesscorp so that they could stay in touch without having to worry about being discovered.

Tags: privacy, surveillance, digitalfreedom

Hydroponics Spinach NFT System

Sep 14, 2014

This post is to describe one particular system – growing spinach using Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). An NFT system consists of a pipe through which a nutrient solution is circulated.

Tags: hydroponics, gardening, DIY

Dabbling in Hydroponics

Sep 7, 2014

My interest in hydroponics was sparked by my brother who bought a kit and attempted to grow spinach. I continued his efforts.

Tags: gardening, hydroponics, DIY

A 500W Solar System

Dec 31, 2013

Last year, I made a 100W solar system. The system was good enough in the end only to power up a 12W LED tube for 6 hours.

Tags: solar, electrical, DIY

My Experiments With Led Lighting 2: Downlights, Tubes and floodlight

Jul 14, 2013

After my last post, I have quite a few updates, which deserves a new separate post.

Tags: LED, electrical, DIY

My experiments with LED lighting

Jan 31, 2013

I've been experimenting with LED lights for quite sometime now. Every time I try to put up a blog post, I hit the error not enough data. I realized that there can never be enough data. So I'll just give information on my experiences so far.

Tags: LED, electrical, DIY

The selfish Selflessness : A Monologue

Sep 16, 2012

Tags: misc

Economics, environment and the disjoint - I

Jun 6, 2012

We have a problem here. A serious one. Select a tree in your house and ask a employee from a sawmill: what would be the cost if he were to cut the tree and sell it for you?

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